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Pablo Picasso - L’Etreinte, 1901





Title Fight crowd at Coachella (via Grimy Goods)

This shit is too funny.

these pictures are gifts from the gods
look at the fucking girl with the flower crown LOOK AT ALL OF THEM

this is so obnoxious jesus christ title fight fans need to chill

that’s what kind of band they are though and what their fans like to do like regardless we all knew this was going to happen

"Omg people that go to coachella are pretentious and annoying" true but look at y’all thoughhh you’re not much better "Title fight is too hardcore for them blah blah" also ur forgetting the fact a crowd surfer is on them and coulda caught em by surprise so ya they’re gonna make ugly/confused faces Jesus Christ you guys are so rude I hate this scene

    i am uncomfortable


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Heres a poster I drew that will be available at the sold out La Dispute show at the Metro in Chicago, IL tomorrow. 18x24” 2 color screen print, not sure how many were made but I know its gonna be limited.
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